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Party Planning


It’s actually very simple! 

  • Set a date, venue and prepare the guest list!
  • Choose a PARTY THEMES! (Party theme is actually one of the key factors to take note of as that the only thing that determine the impression of your party!)
  • Define your budget!  (Spend only what suitable! A genuine party planner will only advise what suitable for your party.)
  • Decide on the PARTY DECORATION! (This is where the real fun starts! Decide whether you want to go simple or all out. You can find ideas from pinterest, instagram, google etc.)
  • Order a Birthday Cake / Dessert Table! (If you are celebrating a birthday event, Always order your cake in advance! You wouldn’t want to miss this. )
  • Decide what kind of  kids party music to be played. Music determines the atmosphere of the party!

A good event planned will always be filled with joy and laughter...

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